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Rolex Replica Watches For Sale

The rolex replica watches do not work and the clasp are faulty. I have tried to open them numerous times but they will not open and also they are not working so they are no good to me, I cannot get them open nor do them work so they have not been checked at all. I want to return these rolex replica watches for a refund. If you are not willing to give me the return addres, then I will report your site and I will get in touch with my visa card as I have protection on it. I think your customer service is absolutly disgusting, you should be replacing these rolex replica watches immediatly or refunding me. I will give you while monday if you do not give me return address then I will take this matter further. I will never buy from you again ever. You have got to be joking me. I have already paid shipping fee for this rolex replica watches sale and you sent out a faulty rolex replica watches sale, it needs replacing by yourself. I am not sending you any money, you need to send me the address to return this rolex replica watches sale that is not working and compensate me Postage. I could understand if I did not want the rolex replica watches sale then having to pay shipping fees but the fake rolex watches sale is faulty that is your fault not mine. You sent out a broken fake rolex watches sale. You need to replace this fake rolex watches sale? Can you tell me as to why I should have to pay 15 to have another rolex replica sent to me when it is your fault that the rolex replica was sent out faulty and not checked not mine. I shouldnt have to pay a penny love you should be replacing the rolex replica as this one is faulty you should be standing any cost not me. Why is it going to cost me to send the rolex replica watches back to you. Its faulty. You sent out a faulty rolex replica. Its you who needs to replace it not me having to pay any extra money why should I?

The problem is that the face of the rolex replica watches sale is wrong. Here is a picture of the rolex replica watches face. The circles at the bottom left and the middle is wrong. I attached a link to a rolex replica and the numbers on the bottom left and middle circles do not match. Here is the link of a real daytona face. 12 should be bottom left and the 60 should be in the middle. Your rolex replica has it backward.


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